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Your Unique Personality Style Insights Await You!



Communication is the foundation of many life successes, whether it is professionally in the corporate environment, or personally at home with your family, love ones, or friends!

Understanding your own personality strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies, and how they blend with those of others is the secret sauce to unlocking better communication, and improved relationships overall!

Are you tired of doing assessments, and getting a result that you have no idea how to put in action, and end with a “now what”? If this has ever been you, then DISC is for you!

DISC stands for Dominant, Influencing, Steady, and Compliant.

This simple intake questionnaire takes between 10 to 15 minutes to complete and will not only show you what your personality indicators are but gives you very clear actions to put the wheels of success in motion! DISC profile assessments that I provide leverage the Maxwell DISC method, and are highly tailored to the individual and designed to be used as a supplement for individual and team leadership growth. Although used largely for professional growth and development, insights gained from completing a DISC can be leveraged anywhere that communication exists!

Your DISC Profile Assessment includes:

  • A voucher code to redeem at your convenience to take your profile assessment
  • 10 to 15 minutes worth of questions
  • Immediate results
  • A personalized 30-page report that breaks down your communication style through the identification and alignment of personality indicators
  • Insights to help you strengthen, grow, and connect with the varying DISC profiles
  • Personal DISC style graphs to share with friends, family, and colleagues
  • Tips and tricks to help you put what you learned about yourself into an action plan for growth

Want to see a sample report, download here!

Still have questions on how DISC can help you, contact me today!

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